County Auditor

About the Auditor's Office

The Auditor’s Office provides reliable financial services that ensures financial integrity, promotes accountability in government, and maintains the public trust.

The primary duties and responsibilities of the Auditor’s Office consist of the general oversight of all county financial records, the strict enforcement of all laws governing county finances, the audit of all records pertaining to county finance, and the ability to ensure the proper collecting and accounting of all funds including money and property held for third parties.

Financial Transparency

The Financial Transparency Portal is a hub for Travis County financial information. The portal provides key county financial statistics, debt related data, economic development data as well as interactive budget and actual expenditures.

The portal also provides useful vendor tools for checking payments and the statuses of invoices entered in to the financial system. To explore this data please visit the Travis County Financial Transparency Portal.



Patti Smith, CPA
County Auditor

700 Lavaca, Suite 1200
Austin, TX 78701 (Map)

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1748
Austin, TX 78767

Phone: (512) 854-9125
Fax: (512) 854-9164