This is not an official version of the Travis County Code and may be inaccurate. Use is for reference purposes only. Commissioners Court Minutes (Travis County Clerk's Office) maintains the official paper record copy of the Travis County Code.

County Code - Searchable

Search and read the entire Travis County Code or look each chapter as a PDF below.

You can see the historic land use ordinances using the Code Archives tool.  Note: Land Development chapters in Title 2 are the only chapters for which historic versions are available online.  If you need a past version of a non-land use chapter, contact Commissioners Court Minutes.

County Code - by Title, Subtitle, and Chapter

Title 1: Administrative Code

Title 2: Ordinances & Regulations

Title 30: Travis County/City of Austin Subdivision Code for Extraterritorial Jurisdiction to Land Use

County Code Portfolio

This PDF portfolio contains the County Code updated through the date of its last amendment, which is May 26, 2020. Use this PDF portfolio if you want to search or read the current County policies and ordinances. Click on a folder in the portfolio to see the chapter PDFs. To optimize your view of this PDF, please right click, save, then open in Adobe Reader.

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