Travis County recognizes that ex-offenders often face challenges to finding gainful employment after being incarcerated. To help minimize the challenges to reentering the workforce, the Travis County Commissioner’s Court established Guidelines for Hiring Ex-Offenders:

  • Travis County seeks to promote the successful reintegration of persons with a criminal history by providing them with opportunities to obtain gainful employment within Travis County and the private sector.
  • Travis County recognizes that qualified individuals may be screened out from employment consideration due to the required disclosure of a criminal history.
  • Travis County delays requesting information regarding criminal history until later in the employment process.
  • Travis County encourages every applicant, including those with a criminal background, to research job vacancies and apply, if qualified.
  • Travis County job vacancy announcements will explicitly state if a criminal background check is required.
  • Travis County will notify applicants selected for an initial job interview if a criminal background check is required. Applicants will be given the option to accept or reject the interview.
  • Travis County does not automatically disqualify an applicant with a criminal history.
  • Travis County considers the nature and gravity of the offense, length of time since the conviction, completion of the sentence, the nature of the job held or sought by the applicant, and other mitigating factors.

Travis County Workforce Development Services (WDS)

Travis County administers the Workforce Development Services (WDS), which is overseen by the Justice Planning Department (JP). This program provides intensive candidate screening services for employers and job-placement services for individuals with criminal backgrounds. In addition to these services, WDS organizes and hosts monthly job fairs and scheduled hiring events.

Individuals who are interested in participating in WDS should first attend a Road to Success orientation ( RtS). Orientations are held on the first and last Tuesday of each month from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. at the Travis County Counseling and Education Services (CES) Building on the first floor. CES is located at 5501 Airport Blvd. Suite # 102 – Austin, TX 78751.

For more information about WDS, job fairs, hiring events, or if you’re an ex-offender seeking employment within Travis County, then please contact:

Sandra Treviño


Chris Fortune