An internship with Travis County provides an opportunity to train with experienced professionals to gain knowledge in the public sector.

Our internship program hopes to identify future colleagues and leaders on an academic career path to local government.

A student internship is typically a semester (fall, spring, summer) and may be paid or unpaid. Credit may be available depending on your school’s policy.

Internship classifications used by Travis County include the following:


Student Intern Classifications

Student Intern ClassificationAcademic Status
Student Intern 1 (non-employee, unpaid) High School, Undergraduate, Graduate, Academic
Student Intern 2 High School
Student Intern 3 Undergraduate Student
Student Intern 4 Graduate Student


For consideration, candidates must complete an application for a posted position through the Travis County Careers website or on a department’s internship webpage. All interns must be actively enrolled in school to be considered for an internship. Interns within certain departments may be subject to a background check.

Many of our internships can be found on the Travis County employment website:

Travis County Careers

Department specific internships can be found here:

If you don’t see openings on our website check with your career counseling office for internship opportunities.

Thank you for your interest in a student internship with Travis County.